Augment any ad campaign or event with custom AR experiences and social media filters!

AAR is a boutique digital and interactive studio that creates big agency calibre content.

We collaborate with tech companies, agencies, and brands.



Bespoke: (v.) To speak for something; (adj.) tailor made.


Fast turnarounds, simple pricing.

Collaborative creative services

Why AAR?

We create marketing art, websites, brand identities, UI/UX, illustrations, 3D models, animations, and XR experiences for clients across verticals who need meaningful content and brand messaging.


Our Work

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UI/UX DEsign

What good is your application if no one understands how to use it? Maximize the effectiveness of your purchase funnel and technical solutions with a clear UX flow.


We combine traditional painting and illustration principles with digital mediums to create spot illustrations and visual development art in line with your project’s style.

Marketing visuals

Ensure your next campaign launches successfully with compelling visuals, from infographic design to email blasts and social media artwork.

Game-ready 3D

From the research and base mesh phase to retopologized, fully rigged and textured models, we create high quality 3D content for world class XR experiences.

architectural 3d

When stunning, high resolution visuals are a must, come to us for hyper realistic 3D renders that make your clients feel like they’re truly there.

Tech Capabilities


Design + Development Tools


Clients + Partners 


Events + Affiliates