Augment any ad campaign or event with custom AR experiences and social media filters!

pixils by accessar

augmented reality lenses and filters


Pixils are your ultimate social media marketing tool.

Your shareable 3D lenses and filters make starting a viral campaign easier than ever! Engage and excite Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook users with the most engaging interactive content.

  • Get exclusive access to Instagram’s Branded Effects Beta program.

  • We’re a Snapchat Certified Lens Creative Partner, and can help you navigate your sponsored ad campaign strategy or organic share campaign.

  • Empower your page followers to interact with your filter using the Messenger app.



Snapchat Lens: The New York Excelsior

Professional Overwatch eSports Team

  • Increase engagement on social media

  • Interact with fans before, during and after your event

  • Showcase your sponsor’s branding

Try the NYXL x T-Mobile lens



Instagram Filter: @EatFatso

High Performance Peanut Butter

  • Engage new and existing fans

  • Bring brand assets to life

  • Promote your new product launch

Try the Fatso filter!



Snapchat Lens: Lamar University, #LUBound Campaign

  • Engage prospective students

  • Generate excitement on-site 

  • Increase the reach of your message

Try the #LUBound lens!


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