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Marketing Visuals


Marketing Visuals

Case Studies

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The Hidden Science

An informative poster/pamphlet that investigates the relationship between drug addiction and dopamine in Canada. It explores using visuals to express emotion, statistics, and education for the public.



Category: Poster, Infographic

Date: 2018

Client: Internal


Final Poster

ProCess Work



BinCleaned - Brand Identity

We were approached by a municipal bin cleaning company to come up with their full brand identity and web design. This included choosing a name, creating a logo icon and wordmark, font selection and web content creation and curation.



Category: Brand, Web Design

Date: 2018

Client: BinCleaned


Final Logo + Wordmark


Brand Style Guide

We create complementary style guides with all brand identities so that clients have access to design best practices specifically tailored to their identity. These guides include information such as do’s and don’ts of branding, colour palettes and HEX codes, typography, etc.

Web Design - Sitemap


Web Design - Mockups