Augment any ad campaign or event with custom AR experiences and social media filters!

Fixed Pricing, Fast Delivery

100% Original Art and deployment guidance

We make creating your branded Snapchat lens or Facebook filter easier than ever by including a set amount of features in our accessible starting price. You can choose how many additional basic and premium features you want to add to fit your campaign goals and budget. We also offer a creative development package for clients who require additional project approvals and extra flexibility with iterations. Speak with us to find out more!



Use our contact form so we can set up your quick and easy free consultation. We’re available Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm EST.



Tell us your campaign goals; we’ll explain how to best engage your audience with different lens & filter types and sponsored ad campaigns.



We issue an invoice and start work on your static 3D storyboard on receipt of your deposit. If you wish to commission a storyboard before deciding whether or not to proceed, we offer this as a standalone service. Please see FAQs for detailed payment information.

Once your static storyboard is complete, we will send it to you for approval (1 x iteration is included in the cost).


4: We BUILD your pixil

We start building  your experience once you submit your digital consent. We can deliver your Pixil in 7 - 10 business days.

If you plan to link your Snapchat Lens to a sponsored ad campaign, they recommend allowing 2 - 3 weeks to set it up in your Ad Manager Account and receive platform approval.


5: Final payment

We send you your Pixil proof via a temporary Snapcode (Snapchat) or direct link (Facebook). Review your proof and give us the go-ahead to upload it by submitting the outstanding payment (read more about making additional changes to your Pixils here).



For organic sharing of your Snapchat Lens, allow 24 hours for platform approval. We can then send your final Snapcode!

For organic sharing of your Facebook filter, allow 1 - 7 business days for platform approval.


7: sponsored ads

On Snapchat: Add as a member of your Snapchat Business Manager account, and then add us as an Admin, Campaign Manager, or Creative Manager to the Ad Account where you would like to use your lens. We can then upload your lens project files for Snapchat QA.

On Facebook: Add as a member of your Ad Manager account. We upload your filter’s creative files for approval (1 - 7 business days).


8: Your campaign

On Snapchat: Your Business Manager Account tracks detailed analytics including impressions, reach & frequency; playtime, shares & saves.

On Facebook: Control over your campaign settings with FB’s Ad Manager dashboard. Set your campaign goals and objectives, even choose the date and time your filter will be published!