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Top Four Snapchat Lens Campaigns

Here are 4 of our favourite Snapchat Lens campaigns, along with key metrics and reach to get you thinking about how to leverage the power of 3D lenses and filters for your next big content push.

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How to Run a Sponsored Ad Campaign on Snapchat

Snapchat remains one of the most popular apps in the key 16-24 market, making it into a powerful social media marketing tool with viral potential — 70 million Snapchatters play with AR lenses everyday. See how advertising with Snapchat works and the most cost-effective parts of their system.

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How to Unlock a Snapchat Lens with a Snapcode

Snapcodes are small images that can be scanned to add new friends, unlock Lenses and Filters, and discover exclusive content. Much like a QR code, each Snapcode contains digital information with a specific trigger- so that once the Snapcode has been unlocked, it can enable you to do various things, such as adding friends or adding Lenses and Filters to your home page!

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