AccessAR x GREY MATTER: Snapchat 3D Lenses for Art

Snapcodes for 3D Art Lenses

AccessAR creates 3D lenses and filters for Snapchat and Facebook to build awareness, increase consideration and drive action for brands.

The most notable cases AR technology have been with big box CPG brands like Skittles, Domino’s and Gatorade. However, large consumer-facing brands aren’t the only ones that can creatively use Snapchat lenses to get the word out about what’s important. Introducing Snapchat lenses for artists, and no—we’re not talking about Nicki Minaj and Drake!



AccessAR provided creative coding support to Karen Vanderborght, a new media artist, university lecturer and partner in a digital agency, for her exploration of AR within instillation art and digital storytelling. She created the GREY MATTER project to explores the poetic and existential potential of AR, social media, and smartphones, turning selfies into a self-reflective magic mirror where the wit and wisdom of our elders serve as your guide.

Through your phone, you interact with the sublime, tragic, and inspirational stories of 10 diverse seniors living in Canada. See their words, thoughts, and appearances transpose and intersect with your selfie in an edifying engagement on themes of aging, memory, time, regret, and resilience.


AR for Gallery Experience and Promotions

Snapchat or Facebook as a device to accentuate the story of a painting serves as a huge draw to younger patrons wanting to explore exhibits. Instead of carrying around bulky headsets attendees could access the information from their phone using Snapcodes and give them a way to share their favourite pieces with friends.

Bring the experience of your gallery outside of the museum. Using miniature paintings or sculptures around the city that come to life when you zoom your camera over a Snapcode, giving background on the painting, gallery information, or a special promotion to drive attendance to a new exhibit coming to town. This serves to effectively engage a younger audience of viewers who don’t look for information on the same channels as their parents.



Opening Reception: March 21st - 6pm - 8pm

Exhibition: March 21st to March 28th - 12pm - 6pm

Trinity Square Video

21–401 Richmond Street West, Toronto


Interested in seeing how we can take your snap-game to the next level?  Reach out to our team to learn more about creating a custom lens for Snapchat!