How to Unlock a Snapchat Lens with a Snapcode


What is a Snapcode?

Snapcodes are small images that can be scanned to add new friends, unlock Lenses and Filters, and discover exclusive content. Snapcodes last for a year and can be used as a print and digital marketing tool on their own!

Much like a QR code, each Snapcode contains digital information with a specific trigger- so that once the Snapcode has been unlocked, it can enable you to do various things, such as adding friends or adding Lenses and Filters to your home page!

In the past, if you wanted to add a friend on Snapchat you would have to type their username into the Add Friends search box and scroll through a list of similar names. Now you can also take advantage of the convenience and ease of Snapcodes, where with a simple tap you can add friends or unlock Filters and Lenses -never worry about misspelling your friends’ usernames again!

Snapchat has created an in-depth video breaking down how Snapcodes work, which we’ve included below.


How do I scan a Snapcode?

It’s easier than you think!

You’ve downloaded Snapchat, and you’ve mastered the basics thanks to Snapchat 101 - The Beginner’s How to Guide.

Now, you want to unlock a Pixil Face or World lens using a digital or printed Snapcode. All Pixil Snapcodes have a circle and image in the middle, like our Winter Wonderland Pixil Snapcode below. ⬇️



There are various ways of unlocking Snapcodes, and we’ll break all of them down into super simple steps!


1) Unlock a Snapcode around you

You see a Pixil Snapcode on a poster, computer screen, or on a friend’s device.

1) Open Snapchat

2) On the home screen, tap on the smiley face button


3) Select the blank circle button 🔘


4) Point your camera at the Snapcode.

Make sure you’ve selected the rear-facing camera!

5) Tap and hold the Snapcode on your screen to scan it. 👆

If this doesn’t work, move your device closer to the Snapcode)

6) You’ll be asked if you want to unlock it or Send to Friends! Tap your selection and you’re done!


2) Unlock a Snapcode from your camera roll

If you aren’t in a position where you can point your camera at a Snapcode, you CAN download the image of a Snapcode and add it to Snapchat directly through your camera roll.

1) Tap the top left button to access your Profile 👤 screen

2) Tap the top right Settings ⚙️ button

3) Scroll down and tap on Snapcodes

4) Tap “Scan from Camera Roll”

5) Select the Snapcode image

6) You’ll be asked if you want to unlock it or Send to Friends. Tap your selection and you’re done!


3) Unlock a Snapcode from a screenshot

If someone sends you a Pixil Snapcode in a message or an email, you can upload a screenshot of it directly to Snapchat and it will be able to decipher where the Snapcode is in the image and will unlock it.

1) Screenshot the Snapcode.

There’s no need to edit out any surrounding text, just make sure it includes the entire Snapcode.

2) Select the Share button

3) Tap the Snapchat icon

4) Snapchat will open up the image as a Snap. Wait about three seconds, and the Snapcode will be automatically detected (you don’t need to tap anything!)

5) You’ll be asked if you want to unlock it, or Send to Friends. Tap your selection and you’re done!


4) Unlock a lens from a Snap or Story

A friend sends you a Snap of them using a Pixil Face lens, or you see a Pixel Face lens in your friend’s story. Without even having access to the Snapcode, you can still unlock a lens by following a couple easy steps.


A friend sends you a Snap

1) Tap the Try Lens 🔘 button at the bottom of the screen

2) The lens will automatically be added to your roster of lenses!

You see a cool lens in a story

1) Tap the Unlock Lens 🔘 button at the bottom of the screen

2) The lens will automatically be added to your roster of lenses!


5) Unlock a Sponsored lens

The easiest of all! All you have to do is Swipe up when you see one in your discovery feed!


Unlock Snapcodes with ease

Those are the 5 main ways that Snapcodes can be accessed in Snapchat, and how Pixil Lenses and Filters can be unlocked with the app.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can integrate Snapchat Pixils into your content marketing strategy, our team would love to speak with you!