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Augment any ad campaign or event with custom AR experiences and social media filters!

pixils by accessar

Be Visual, Go Viral


Pixils are your ultimate social media marketing tool.

Your shareable 3D lenses and filters make starting a viral campaign easier than ever! Engage and excite Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram* users with this new form of interactive content.

Reach out to learn why Pixils are the missing link in your end-to-end social media marketing strategy.



Let us design the perfect Pixil for your next campaign!

Pixils are custom designed, interactive 3D lenses and filters that transform users and/or their physical environment on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram (*coming soon)!

By leveraging the power of social and augmented reality to create interactive content, your unique, branded Pixil offers a totally untapped, viral opportunity to let new and existing fans spread the word for you.

We are the first Lens and Filter studio to offer:


Turnkey Service


In-House Design & Build


Fixed Pricing


100% Original Artwork


Simple Intake Process


Sponsored Ad Buys


Learn how you can get the perfect Pixil for your social media marketing campaign in a free 15 minute 1-on-1!



Over 400 million Instagram accounts use Stories every day — ⅓ of the most viewed Stories are from businesses.


Snapchat’s dedicated Gen Y and Z user base and high daily in-app engagement have transformed it into a powerful marketing tool — 70 million Snapchatters play with AR lenses everyday.

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Facebook has the widest reach of any social platform — 1.3 Billion people use Messenger and 80% of all Internet users use Facebook.



Pixils for events, conferences & festivals

The only interactive content marketing tool for event, conference, concert and festival organizers.

  • Create custom experiences for exhibitors and sponsors

  • Encourage fans to register early

  • Generate excitement on-site

  • Empower attendees to share their memories after the event





Pixils for brands

An untapped marketing opportunity perfect for fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and CPG food, beverage and cosmetic brands.

  • Increase brand exposure on social media

  • Shoppable product launches

  • Engage new and existing fans

  • Improve brand loyalty

  • Leverage the power of user generated content




Pixil possibilities

The creative possibilities are endless! Choose between Face, World, and Face & World lenses and filters.

New Album Release


In-Event Experience

New Product Launch


How can you get one?



Use our contact form so we can set up your quick and easy free consultation. We’re available Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm EST.



Tell us your campaign goals; we’ll teach you how to best engage your audience with different lens & filter types and sponsored ad campaigns.



We issue an invoice and start work on your storyboard on receipt of a 50% deposit. Please see FAQs for detailed payment information.

Once your static storyboard is complete, we will send it to you for approval (1 x iteration is included in the cost).


4: We BUILD your pixil

We start building  your Pixil once you submit your digital consent. We can build your Pixil within 7 business days.

If you plan to link your Snapchat Pixil to a sponsored ad campaign, they recommend allowing 2 - 3 weeks to set it up. We can help you start now!


5: Final payment

We send you your Pixil proof via a temporary Snapcode (Snapchat) or direct link (Facebook)!  Review your proof and give us the go-ahead to upload it by submitting the outstanding payment (read more about making additional changes to your Pixils here).



For organic sharing of your Snapchat Pixil, allow 24 hours for platform approval. We can then send your final Snapcode!

For organic sharing of your Facebook Pixil, your filter requires 1 - 7 business days to be approved by Facebook.


7: sponsored ads

On Snapchat: Add as a member of your Snapchat Business Manager account. We upload your Lens Studio creative files for platform approval (2 - 3 weeks).

On Facebook: Add as a member of your Ad Manager account. We upload your filter’s creative files for approval (1 - 7 business days).


8: Your campaign

On Snapchat: Work with our Snap Account Executive to ensure your campaign is ready to go! Your Business Manager Account tracks detailed analytics including impressions, reach & frequency; playtime, shares & saves.

On Facebook: Control over your campaign settings with FB’s Ad Manager dashboard. Set your campaign goals and objectives, even choose the date and time your filter will be published!

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